Pods Miscela Extra - 7 gr
Pods Miscela Extra - 7 gr

Pods Miscela Extra - 7 gr

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The coffee pod contains Miscela Extra – our leading product. It is the best selling blend in the cafés who exhibit the D’Agnilli logo. The blend is the ideal mix of high-quality Arabica and Robusta from all over the world and it is also low in caffeine. This fine blend has an exquisite flavor and you can easily make a professional coffee being in the comfort of your house. The coffee pods are individually sealed and stored in a controlled atmosphere to guarantee you just the perfect espresso.

Compatibility: coffee pods are packed inside papar filters and are compatible with all the coffee pod machines using the ESE pods 44 mm system.

  • 50 pcs
  • 100 pcs
  • 150 pcs

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